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2014 to Present: 

Investigator, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto, ON

Title: “Proposal of a Platform to Improve Hands-on Skills for Students of the Business School/Bachelor of Commerce”

Project description: This project aims to propose a low-cost hardware and software platforms to be used to improve hands-on skills in Enterprise Systems for students of the Bachelor of Commerce degrees. If available to students, these hands-on activities would give a better understanding of the theory learned during the classes. This project will result in a prototype (hardware and software) ready to be used in a Computer Lab to enhance hands-on skills in Enterprise Systems. Also, the prototype could be used as a low-cost computing system for students planning to start their own businesses. Students will be able to test and run their e-commerce website and tools in the platform. Examples of applications students could run include e-mail servers, web servers, e-commerce stores, etc.

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